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Vertout flew to a birthday party despite knowing his wife had coronavirus

Jordan Vertout, French midfielder is being heavily criticize. After attending his wife’s birthday party knowing she was infect with COVID-19 in this moment

Vertout chose to travel to Monte Carlo, while boss Jose Mourinho gave his players a five-day break during the international program. The French midfielder is aiming to celebrate the birth of his wife who is pregnant with his third child. Italian outlet Calcio Mercato reported that the criticism came as Vertout’s wife Sabrina announced on social media that she had tested positive for the coronavirus. While she was pregnant ufabet.

Due to give birth around two months ahead But she continued to hold her birthday party with many friends in attendance. One of them was her husband Jordan, who had also arrived from Rome. The incident caused dissatisfaction among Roma fans with many criticisms. But the club has not made any movements. Rehearsals are scheduled to return early next week.