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“Delph” is not a child sex scandal

“The Sun”, the media rummage of the noble city reveals that “Fabian Delph” is not a lustful footballer. That cause a scandal until it became big news at the beginning of the week.

Previously, there was a tumultuous news in the English football industry. When the police have picked up the Premier League footballers. suspected of causing Child sexual abuse, with subsequent disclosures that The player is at Everton and is 31 years old, leading social investigators to question whether The player could be Fabian Delph as his qualifications match the police reports.

But most recently , Everton ‘s insiders have opened up through “The Sun” that Delph is not the one who committed any crime. and this doubt Has destroyed the credibility of the players very much.

“It was very cruel to Fabian, he was undoubtedly innocent. and was dragged into this matter. Because the club decided not to name the offenders. Which leads to rumors spreading on the internet. without being able to control it.”

“The news of the arrest of the players Shocked everyone at the club, the club told all the players yesterday (Monday) what happened. It shocked everyone. Because the players who are caught are quite famous in the team. And no one wants to believe Everyone could only hope. That it was a misunderstanding. or something like that.”

While Everton will travel to the United States. To enter the pre-season warm-up battle in the “Florida Cup” against Millonarios from Colombia.